F-Secure Cyber Security Services is hiring a Lead/Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for a talented Lead/Senior Software Engineer to join the F-Secure Cyber Security Services Business line as part of a new Product Team.

You will work in Helsinki as a part of the F-Secure Cyber Security Services Business Line where a team is being built around a completely new Product. Senior Software Engineer’s role is drive development of certain functionality in the product, have strong ownership of those components and their development roadmap, but first of all it’s about developing software and features to the product. It’s writing software but also configuring and administrating the components we utilize so that they are used best possible way. You need to be able to work as part of the team but still very independently in your domain. We operate in DevOps mode meaning that you will not just develop software but also deploy it to production and from time to time also solve production issues.

The team is multi-cultural and in several locations so both fluent spoken and written English is paramount requirement.

We are expecting huge growth this year which always brings unexpected issues and certain level of uncertainty so ability and willingness to work in somewhat turbulent environment is a must. The work offers great challenges, possibilities to innovate and use your skills to the maximum and is very rewarding when we release to consumers and get quick positive feedback.

We expect:
• Capability to understand how the whole system works and also define architectures.
• Experience on dev ops model way of working
• Excellent communication and collaboration skills (English = must, other languages plus) to fit into our international work environment.

Excellent technical skill set:

  • Fluent in Microsoft .NET framework development
  • Capable of defining high performance architectures for widely distributed systems that need to scale really high up
  • Must have experience
    o Significant experience in developing Networked/Multi-threaded applications
    o Significant background in development/architecture experience
    o Win32 Client application development experience
    o Understanding of Object-Oriented data structures, algorithms and application principles; experience using Microsoft .Net and .Net development languages (C#)
    o Highly proficient development capabilities in building HTTP web, SOAP & REST based web server and client applications
    o Strong communication skills with the ability to interact in both written and oral English
    o Strong problem solving skills
  • Good to have experience (any of these considered a plus)
    o Highly proficient in building multi-threaded, heavy load, multi-server distributed systems
    o Understanding of .Net internal, and ability to optimize performance accordingly
    o Highly proficient in HTTP client networking development
    o NoSql knowhow

Additional information: For further info and questions, please send an e-mail to janne.pirttilahti@f-secure.com.
Employment type: Permanent job
Location: Helsinki, FI

Apply: express.candarine.com/campaign/url/forward/feca094347dd