Where can buy ip-camera (with mjpeg) in Helsinki?

Hey! : )
I need mjpeg ip-camera (for using with “Motion”), but problem is - cameras are too expensive or support only h.264. I find only this one in verkkokauppa.com. But €120 - too expensive! I don’t need so super-camera, i have €30-60 for this.
May you tell, where in Helsinki (at list Vantaa, Espoo) can find some electronic or security shops? Or, may be, where is mjpeg cameras…
Thank you in advance and sorry for my language )(


Check Gigantti and Power stores, maybe you find that camera there.

Thanks. Gigantti and P.stores have some variants, but not much better.
But I’m find most proper variant in Verkkokauppa.com. Don’t know why not saw early… : )